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Residential Asphalt Driveway Paving in Buncombe County

At C & T Paving Inc., we offer you the most solutions for a beautiful residential driveway in Buncombe County. Asphalt driveway paving offers many benefits. They include:

  • Asphalt can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance and upkeep.
  • The material expands and shrinks when the weather changes, which helps to avoid cracking.
  • Maintenance is simple.
  • Asphalt is a less expensive solution for paving your driveway.
  • In most cases, you can drive the car on the surface in just a short amount of time.

Choose Concrete for Durability

Another material our company installs is concrete. For your driveway, this could be the best choice, as there are some real benefits. They include:

  • Concrete can last up to 30 years when homeowners take the time to maintain it.
  • This material offers beautiful curb appeal as a smooth surface or one that can be stamped, colored or patterned.
  • A concrete driveway is a durable option for families with kids who wish to play basketball or ride bikes on it.
  • Concrete is fireproof and can protect your landscape from water runoff.

We Also Help With Patios & More

In addition to your driveway, there could be other areas around your home that need a new surface. Patios are a popular place for concrete. This material is easy for homeowners to maintain, which can keep the patio in better shape for a longer period of time. There are multiple color options and patterns that homeowners can choose to have for their concrete patio. Because patios seem to get plenty of use, concrete offers durability that can’t be matched.

Contact the Professionals Today in Henderson County & Haywood County

To get in touch with a residential driveway paving contractor in Henderson County, Buncombe County or Haywood County, contact C & T Paving Inc. today. Simply give us a call at 828-683-6564 to speak to a residential or commercial paving contractor.